Our Services

The Examination


Your initial visit will include a thorough history, consultation, examination and x-rays if necessary.  Dr. Gonzalez will review the findings, answer all of your questions and explain a course of treatment.  Your treatment will usually consist of spinal adjustments or manipulation, ice or heat therapy (depending on your situation), electrical muscle stimulation and intersegmental traction - a relaxing massage type table.  

The Adjustment


There are about 40 styles or techniques of spinal adjustments.  Dr. Gonzalez performs manual adjustments, Activator Method and Thompson techniques.  



Therapies may include ice or heat therapy.  You may also receive electrical muscle stimulation which is similar to TENS therapy and intersegmental traction.  Many of our patients rave about the therapy tables and their whole experience at the office.  You may also receive exercises to stretch and/or strengthen affected muscles.